The use of equipment that meets the standards is mandated in operational documents such as those JIG, IATA, EI, API, and ATA

Our product range includes hoses, filters, quality control equipment, nozzles, couplers, etc… Providing the standardization of aviation fuel handling equipment, and operational recommended practices, ensuring that they reflect the consensus agreement of international technical specialists and stakeholders. SADCEO undertakes to supply to its consumer’s products and equipment of the guaranteed quality level.

Our Products include: 

Depot Facility Equipment:

Jet fuel pipelines and bulk storage tanks require special operating and maintenance considerations; this fuel is subject to stringent quality requirements necessitating special equipment and engineering. Sadeco offers a wide range of Depot Facility products including:

  • Non return valves in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Ductile Iron, and Stainless Steel
  • Butterfly valves, in Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum
  • Basket strainers in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel,
  • Composite wire reinforced hoses for tanker and rail car loading and offloading,
  • Sight flow indicators for use in pipework systems available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel flanged or threaded,
  • Kamlok couplings in Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Brass,
  • Threaded BSP hose couplings, dust\drip caps, and connectors in Aluminum, Gunmetal and Stainless Steel,
  • Pressure gauges manufactured from Stainless Steel, dry or Glycerin filled
  • De-aerator vessels and high capacity air release heads,
  • API/IP1581 approved filter water separator vessels, API/IP1590 approved microfilter vessels and Clay filter vessels.
  • Additive injection equipment

Certified Test Instrument and Equipment:

Testing for Jet A1 fuel blend, Rapid quality control testing helps identify fuel contamination issues, confirmation fuel safety, detect trace unwanted residues, and more.-

  • Hydrometers are all in accordance with BS718:1991
  • thermometers are all in accordance with IP 64C/ASTM12C
  • Emcee fuel conductivity meters certified standard ASTM D2624
  • Fuel contamination test kits
  • Filter Membrane testing consumables including colorimetric and gravimetric capsules the standard tests for determining the level of dirt/particulate contamination are ASTM2276/IP216 and D3830
  • Certified Prover tank or Master meter offers high accuracy according to API manual of petroleum measurement standards.

Clean Fuel:

Fuel cleanliness means the absence of solid particulates and free water. Particulates – rust, dirt, etc. – can plug fuel filters and increase fuel pump wear. Water, in addition to not burning in an engine, will freeze at the low temperatures encountered in high altitude flights.

  • Filter water separator vessels and replacement elements
  • Microfilter vessels and replacement elements
  • Water absorbing monitor vessels and replacement elements
  • Clay filter vessels and replacement cartridges

Quality Control Equipment:

Whether at a major international hub, or a small upcountry location, we hope that we could add value to a client’s operation. SADECO can provide a full range of Quality Control Equipments to clients with the aim of ensuring that their operation is safe and fit-for-purpose including:

  • Chemical Water detector capsules and syringes.
  • Clear glass jars for fuel sampling.
  • Hydrometer jars (glass and plastic).
  • Fuel sample retention and transport containers epoxy lined tinplate.
  • Water finding paste and paper for fuel systems.
  • Self adhesive decals and tapes for fuel grade marking on pipelines and tanks.
  • Closed sampling and product recovery systems for aircraft refuelling vehicles, fuel depots and main storage tank farms.
  • Filter differential pressure gauges.
  • Fuel sampling probes and test fittings.

Vehicle Equipment:

In guaranteeing the right quality and procedures of product for our customers, Sadeco pays a great attention to providing customers a set of refueling controls including

  • Tank bottom loading automatic high level cut off systems.
  • Flexible pipework connections, hosereels hand and power rewind.
  • Inline pressure control/deadman valves.
  • Pressure control venturis, into aircraft pressure refueling couplings.
  • Hydrant dispenser intake couplings.
  • Deadman control systems.
  • Aircraft refueling hoses and nozzles for aviation refueling.

Refueling Safety Equipment:

The health and safety of employees and the public are one of the company’s main goals. Sadeco offers a wide range of safety equipment and protective devices including:

  • ATEX approved equipment.
  • Mats for the protection of the aircraft wing.
  • High visibility strips for the protection of refueling hoses.
  • Pit flags and flagpoles for the clear identification of aviation fuel hydrant pits during refuelling operations.
  • High visibility hydrant dispenser intake hose sleeves.
  • Bagged fuel spill kits

Measurement Technology:

All meters used for inventory control or measuring product transfers. Sadeco offers a wide range of meter technology equipment including:

  •  Positive displacement bulk meters with mechanical readouts.
  • Rate of flow indicators.
  • Preset displays and valves.
  • Electronic metering systems.
  • ATEX approved large figure remote displays and control Valves.